The Last Word in Concealed Carry Purses

Have you seen what passes for a concealed carry purse in most gun shops? I wouldn’t buy one for my worst enemy! I rate them “D” for “deadly”. Iside-pocket-carry-pursef you were ever confronted with an active shooter scenario, you would take a hollow point before you could get your favorite iron out.

The common designs are flawed in that the gun compartment is a small appendage tacked to the backside of the purse against your body with the barrel parallel to the ground. Say you are right handed (lucky you), you must carry the purse on your left shoulder and either reach your right hand across to your left side and feel for the zipper to open the gun pouch, then slide your hand inside the small opening, grip the weapon, swing back to the right, then perform the proper motion up to sighting position.

However, after all the time it takes for those movements, it’s doubtful that you could even get to aiming position before lights out. Now, some videos show the left hand swinging the purse around to the front or right side for the right hand to extract your iron, but that can get fairly clumsy. Moreover, the complicated extraction process can lead to premature firing which can injure yourself or even kill an innocent bystander.

Ok, let’s say you never have to face a shootout, the fashion aspect is largely a loser with most of these clunky beasts, so there is very little pride in sporting these little tool boxes meant mainly for a trip to Walmart or Burger King (in a safe part of town in broad daylight).

A carry purse must allow you to draw your weapon efficiently and quickly like from a holster on your belt as is taught in professional shooting classes. This method is a proven method to save your life or that of your loved ones or friends. “COWGIRL LEATHER” brand purses are designed to allow you to operate in that safe proven manner. In addition, these fine crafted accessories fill the need for a classy fashion statement that you will wear with pride anywhere. They even feel good – soft and supple. Please review our website photos in the purse menu. You will invest more than those gun shop duffels, but because “COWGIRL LEATHER” brand purses are safe, efficient, and sexy, they are well worth it.


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